My soul called out for Reinvention this year💫

Every part of me whispered
“Let it go and become it”
“Weep as you let it return home and celebrate as you show them a bit more of YOU.“

I can feel it now.

The fire of death and rebirth✨
Burns the same.
And I’m sharing this because I want you remember this moment
This year.
With me.

They said:

“Open your heart to love”
“Love is all there is”
“Faith is all that required”
“Soul say yes, so body needs to breath through it to calibrate to this expansion”

I want to remember this as the moment that I alchemised the last two years of breaking open the last ten years of turning the deepest pain and greatest joy into fucking GOLD.

You get to reinvent as well.
You get to alchemise
You get to do this with me.
Jump in and let them watch us
Turn it alll

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