A Lesson on Faith

It’s an energy beyond trust, beyond self.

It’s time to dissolve the belief that you’re in this alone.

That you’ve been forgotten by the Great Creator.

Imagine that you are the bridge between here and your field of desires.

You take the action and take the steps as directed by the whispers in your heart,

But the fuel,
the life force that propels you there

Faith is not a religious term or a performative function.

Faith is the energy of source.

(Let me say that again)

Faith is the energy of source.

Go outside and look at the spring flowers. You never doubt they’re re-emerging. you never doubt the Sun will rise in the east and the moon will wax and wane.

Can you see how when you allow yourself to make moves in faith there is no self, there is no doubt, there is no need to “Trust” ?

Trust implies that something is missing in the first place.

Faith resides beyond all that.

Can you begin to drop into deeper faith that your desires already exist in your field of big dreams? You just can’t see them in your everyday physical experience, yet.

Let your Faith guide your moves, your actions, your life.

Walk in faith,
and watch everything
rush in.

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