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Are you ready for your biggest business breakthrough yet? Let’s set up a time to talk things through to go deep. This is where we pour some light on what needs clearing in order for you to rise up into that big vision you see for yourself and your business. Please take a moment to complete this application form and I’ll get back to you within one business day.

Working with Emma Tynan has been a gift. Through her blend of energetic connection, skill and gentle but firm approach, she has changed mine. Her support helped me to unleash my own power and move beyond some of the limiting ideas around abundance and creativity which through life circumstances, had begun to hold me back from the deep service I'm here to provide.

Jessica Huie MBE
Best Selling Author

Emma's support has gone beyond just the creation of a programme. She's helped me to unleash my own power and move beyond some of the limiting ideas around abundance and creativity which through life circumstances, had begun to hold me back from the deep service I'm here to provide. Equally as somebody who supports others in leaning into their calling and purpose, it has been a blessing to find Emma and have her play that role for me. She is amazing. Integral and possesses a humility and grace which is inspiring, I cannot recommend her as a coach more highly. She's the best.

Jessica Huie MBE
Best Selling Author

In the first seven weeks of working with Emma I made $52,256.28 CASH, and $61,401.12 SALES. I've stepped into a new level of understanding of my gifts. Ignited a new level of confidence and personal power that is magnetising clients and opportunities. I launched a signature sold out group program that is going to change the lives of hundreds of people and I secured a part in a global TV show for entrepreneurs. That's just the start!  

Stacey Sargison 
Visibility and Sales coach

CASE STUDY: Since working together four months ago: Vanessa had her first six figure WEEK with zero launch, zero paid advertising.... actually it happened with total ease. This new confidence in her abilities gave her the push she needed to hire a PR company. She’s now been featured in publications Including Forbes and The Financial Times.


Vanessa Hallick, Business coach

Vanessa has upped her rates 300% is selling with ease and has a waiting list (because HELLO!!! She’s got crazy awesome gifts - so why wouldn’t she. 

Vanessa's clients are having amazing results as well like $500 to $10k months, going from selling 2k packages to $20k, hosting sell out live events and owning their power and transforming lives. 

Vanessa, Case Study

My mindset and business are barely recognisable since working with Emma. I've tripled my rates, booked dream clients, got a team and put slick systems in place. She's helped me take the steps that have moved me from dreaming to making it a reality. I'm more confident than ever before and overall feel a completely different person since working with Emma. 

Suzie Bartle,
Well Spirited PR

Thank you for the work you do.
 You lift me up. You remind me of the truth of my ability to contribute and to take my power back. 

Karla Kaemingk Gelhar
Marriage and Family Therapist 

After only a week of work with Emma, I booked my first high-ticket client! And now I have new inquiries every week! My audience and my community is growing steadily. And I feel empowered because I now know, that the only one I need to be - is myself! I've invested SO much money in coaches and programmes before, without getting anywhere or anything out of it. Emma changed that.  She has totally shifted how I think, how I show up and how I work. I am deeply grateful. Working with Emma is the best money I've ever invested in myself to this date!

Camilla Elfving
Female Empowerment & Successful Life Design coach

Emma’s unique process helped me rework  my messaging, it made me see what I wasn’t saying and that was a huge shift for me. I Love how deep Emma is and the fact she really cares, she’s down to earth, emotionally intelligently and has great integrity. 

Deborah O'grady
The Brand coach

The livestream stuff is Incredible!!! Since working with Emma and implementing her unique strategies the amount of comments and DM's I'm getting is unreal!! I have thousands and thousands of views on my IGTV in a matter of DAYS!! Mind officially blown.
You are magic Emma! 

Sarah ryan

Victoria closed 11K in a matter of DAYS just from using my livestream strategies. No ad spend, sales calls, webinars etc. We are just getting started and she is the newest student in my academy. Here's what she has to say: "Working with Emma made me up my game enormously. At the start of working with her I was hesitant and unsure of myself on screen but with her coaching and constant commitment to my results I began to believe in myself and doing Livestreams now feels comfortable. And with that comfort has come sales! I am now attracting my right fit clients for my online Yoga and Pilates training courses without having to pay for FB ads or waste time in FB groups."

Victoria Cunningham
Award winning entrepreneur + Founder and CEO of Stretch Body Mind


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