She is…

A weapon
A warrior
A b!tch
A survivor
A lover
A mother
A genius
A writer
A speaker
A revolutionary
A witch
A movement maker
A world shaker

Born & reborn so many times.

The direction she felt she should go is out. She went so far out. She longed for home and lost her way. Until, a moment of remembering…

Of all she has seen and not seen, Of all she has been, And is to be.

That home is the stars.
The infinity within,
and the calling…

Was to come back to herself
To what was always there.
And she is ready now.
To live a devotional life.
In service with her gifts.

& she’s ready to rise into those powers.
Fierce and Loud.
Seen and honoured.
Revered and reviled.
She’s ready to open up her wealth portal.

To claim her *right* to Universal Wealth.
To align with her divinity.
To be the keeper of the light.
To give her gifts to the world
To her people
In service of

Is she you?

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