A message from the ancestors…

“Heaven On Earth is HERE”

Indigenous Peoples’ Day was celebrated in the USA on Monday, it is a poignant day as one who works with the ancestors, guardians, and keepers of the land in Spirit.

Let me say this –

I live on holy land, just as you do.

It has been stolen from generation to generation

Just as your land once was

It has a memory.

That memory of what it means to conquer and take power over
And over
And over.

Our great ancestors, the Indigenous people who once called this land home where I live now


That we don’t own this land

We belong to it.

We are temporal visitors

And our actions that commit upon it are remembered by the Earth.

The ground upon which we all walk


The brutality of colonialism

And the crimes against Her and Her People,

The Great Mother.

She remembers and yet

Offers us a home

Extends the hands of atonement to us

and Unconditional Love.

May you remember today and every day that the wisdom of the Earth

Is the voice of The One.

This is the message I received from the Ancestors yesterday…

“Those that have walked before you ask of you two things

1. Listen to Her. Place your hands on the trees within your favourite place. Let her guide you. Remember you belong to Her.

2. Send Energy to the Earth with your hands, feet, and voices.

May you silence your mind
And listen to the wisdom of the Earth
Channel the voice of the ocean
Transcribe the Love of Forests
May you feel the heat of the Sun in a new way
May the water cleanse your energy of all that burdens you”

May we all atone for the past
And return to what the indigenous people know
That the Great Mother

We are guests here
Not owners
We own nothing
And yet have the entire Universe
Within Us.

Emma x

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