What I Really See

You can’t see the things that I see about you

The shadows that you are casting over your next level of ascension

Your human keeps missing that sign post that I see as a glaring neon sign pointing all the way to your desire list faster than you can even possibly imagine

Your rituals
HD qualifications

They have all got you here,
Which, is a beautiful place,
but you desire more, right?

I see you’ve got your eyes on playing with the unlimited nature of infinity..

I want to show you what you cant see about yourself

So you can step into iconic
So you can create not just a life,
But a LEGACY. 

Dr. Maya Angelou says that legacy has nothing to do with what you do

“it is every life you touch”.

And right now you have the opportunity to decide what that legacy is going to be.

With what way you decide to touch others lives with with the most distilled version of your Truth.

Your Truth is the vibrational essence of your soul

It’s what everyone longs to touch within you
And underneath it all, it’s what you most want to give the world. 

I’m going to show you what you can’t see
I’m going to show you because your leadership as a creative and spiritual authority
requires it of you. 

You’re ready to fully see

That’s why on Friday 1st October 2021 at 11:11am PST I’m inviting you to my free masterclass 

How To Channel Your Next Sold Out Program (and connect with your guides). 

You can register and save your seat here.

It’s time to see all of you.
Emma x

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