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I'm Ready

To move you into the remembrance
that is underneath what
you're doing as a mentor and Coach

I'm not here to gather followers...
I'm here to awaken and activate
Conscious Leaders and Visionaries

Deep Down there's MORE
Deep Down there's MAGIC




you're a Conscious leader
and spiritual visionary

The Channel Society™ will move you from consuming other people’s spiritual teachings to channeling and creating

"When I signed up to work with Emma, I was initially somewhat hesitant because I’d had some pretty underwhelming experiences with other business coaches. But I’d been to several of Emma’s masterclasses and knew that she was the real deal, so I took the leap — even though I felt scared about the investment!⁣ Emma pushed me to think of an outrageous monthly revenue goal for myself. I nearly hit it that month, and exceeded it the following month. Then in February, I brought in nearly TWICE that amount, in cash.
And I haven’t had to work really hard to achieve those income goals either.

Here’s the biggest, most profound change that I’ve had since working with Emma, though — it’s that I’ve finally claimed my own gifts, and feel steady and secure in my own worth and brilliance. If you’re feeling called to work with Emma, DO IT! She’s fabulous and powerful, and you won’t regret it.”

Suzy Cater

This is where you begin to claim your legacy, by channeling teachings from your soul. Your offerings, courses and trainings will become transformational gifts in the lives of your clients. ⁣You also become magnetic to soul clients and sales, because working with your Source does that.  



You have powerful spiritual gifts that are
waiting to be activated and shown to the world 

This program is for the Sacred CEO who’s ready to step
into Their remembrance
of who They've been all along

⁣The Channel   Society is for visionaries , just like you, who are ready to become Iconic  . 



"The Channel Society™ is Emma's gift to teach other people how to bring Channeling into their lives, their businesses, and into their spiritual and devotional practices. Having the Q+A sessions was a huge integral part of this experience. They were so powerful and they helped me to trust this process.

The work Emma and I did together has been the most sacred work of my life.
She saw the medicine inside me, and led me towards it. She held me when I wanted to resist it … when I felt like it was too much. She showed me I was capable of holding it - all this power, all of these gifts that I knew I possessed but I had yet to claim. She activated the truth, the knowing, the depth and the trust within me. She felt the untapped creativity in my womb space and helped me bring it forward. She felt the power in my unspoken words and ignited my voice. She taught me to SEE, to see with my soul not with my mind. Together we merged heaven and earth. I’m so grateful for the powerful space she holds and for the potency of her medicine. Emma is an incredible gift to this world."

coach + channel, FEM/me

Jaclyn Shaw

Learn how to decode the language of Source

There will be a private FB community additional group support during the program.

Private Community

Group Hot-Seat Coaching

In our 4 months together, you will receive seven activations that will open your channels with Source (streams of energy you've never before experienced!)

You'll work with me in a group capacity on live Q&A coaching calls to decode the language of Source and start channeling your teachings and offers 

channeled activations

What they are saying...

In The Channel Society™
you will learn how to:⁣

channel teachings, messages and guidance for yourself and your clients⁣

activate quantum wealth creation that already exists in your energetic field. ⁣

Decode the Language of Source. It's all there - waiting for you to open up and ⁣Trust. Trust what you are being shown, given, feeling - because Source speaks to us in the most miraculous way. ⁣

start channeling your own teachings and communicating with your guides and Ascended Masters.

Hell yes - I'm in!

You will awaken every sense and give breath to every knowing.
You’ll *experience* and know this infinity within.
Your words will become like spells.
Your energy centres - will operate like a creative vortex.

The Channel Society™️ is not for
anyone who wants to dabble.

Are You?

You won’t just learn how to channel, speak with your guides, support your clients in an entirely new way...

You know that you’re the Source and the Sorceress. ⁣

It’s a very powerful container
and you must be ready for this level
of awakening and energy. ⁣

My success rate is 100%.
All graduates from

are now able to: ⁣

Channel magnificent teachings ⁣

Communicate with their guides ⁣

Channel ascended masters (Dr. Wayne Dyer even turned up in one of our teachings!) ⁣

Powerful third eye activations Where they are able to now have psychic insights. ⁣

channel, Create, launch, and sell-out their offerings with ease.


Giving the world the GIFTS of your soul.

Imagine NEVER again being a consumer of countless courses and programs, and instead being the (( CREATOR )) ⁣rooted in source energy. ⁣


• You’ll receive 7 channeled, activations that will open your channels of communication and you will begin to receive very clear messages and guidance from Source

• There will be 8 group Q&A calls with Emma (that’s two live calls a month). This is where you will de-code the messages from Source

• Access to a private FB community to connect with other members and share your messages, insights, downloads and what’s coming through your channeled sessions


or 6 monthly payments of $777


black obsidian

• You’ll receive 7 channeled, activations that will open your channels of communication and you will begin to receive very clear messages and guidance from Source. We then begin to incorporate these messages into your business and offers.
(Get ready for take off!)

• You will have 8 private 40 minute 1:1 spiritual mentoring sessions where you will decode the messages you're receiving in a private container with Emma

• You will have 4 weekdays of Voxer Access to Emma for questions, support, divine downloads, and messages from your spirit guides through Emma. You’ll have utter support as you begin to start channeling your next offers,  wealth timelines, receiving messages from spirit, and your guides. 

• Access to a private FB community to connect with other members and share your messages, insights, downloads and what’s coming through your channeled sessions.


This is the most luxurious version of The Channel Society™for sacred CEO's, with private 1:1 Access to Emma for the Duration of the Program. 


or 4 monthly payments of $2,777

What they are saying...

"The results were on a deep inner level for me. It was amazing to witness that I can receive messages and images, especially since it has always been so hard for me to do activations. So, to have some really intense reactions with a few of the activations where I really had physical sensations as if there was an energy source in the room…like a magnetic force. It was very personal for me because I always thought that I could not do that. It gives me a sense of security knowing that I can always come back to these activations. I will always be able to connect to a certain energy by going back to the activations to fuel up.”

Concert Pianist


“The Channel Society is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Having worked on Emma’s team for awhile, I knew her work was potent…but I had no idea how much her support and this container would guide me in changing my very DNA.

Going into The Channel Society, I identified as someone who had lost faith in the Divine. On the other side, I now regularly access and embrace the Divine within me. So much of my work in this container was rewriting the scripts that I had picked up along the way about my power, abilities, desires, and magic.

I now show up in my work, my personal life, and in my own inner world as a more complete person. I’m no longer afraid of the power that lies within me because I’m capable of harnessing that power in ways that support me fully.”

Graphic Designer

Aubrey Allison

"I felt called to join The Channel Society™, not so much to enhance or start my
own business, but to learn how to channel and connect more and better to Source.
Our sessions did that and more!

Since then I have been deeply connected, able to manifest and to live in a state of great gratitude, love and inner peace.  In fact, by following my "calling to the country", a calling that existed before joining the Channel Society, but which manifested during it, I was appointed Director of Ethos at an outstanding school close to our new home, which happens to be much better paid (for essentially very similar work) and in a most beautiful setting. Further, I was given financial freedom and created a life that is more holistic and beneficial for my family. I have started to write and will finish a little book before the end of the year."

Director of Ethos


"Working with Emma has been a truly magical and transformative experience. I already had a strong spiritual connection, but she has helped me to trust it and lean on it at all times, even when, and especially when, things are challenging. I have also been led to a deep remembering of parts of me that have been trying to break through for a while now, and it’s been beyond my wildest expectations.

It’s changed what I think is possible for me and my work, and to be bolder than I ever dared before. I find myself carrying wisdom from our sessions into my work each day and it’s changed how I show up, and how I set boundaries with clients. I feel way more empowered and excited for what is around the corner!!!

Karen Kuchel

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