I was NOT born this way… Here’s why

In fact, I never wanted to be here. 
I was almost a cot death at age 6 months. I ran out in front of a car at age 3 (they say it was a miracle I wasn’t hit). At 11 I began to shut down all my gifts. At 27 I was day drinking at 11am. 

Answering the calling on my life has 
been the wildest, most terrifying, nuanced, growth filled experience….. 
and I deeply feel
I’m just getting started. 

But it’s taken years to get to this point. 

This is what I have to say…. 
I wasn’t born confident, 
I had to become it. 
I wasn’t outspoken, I had to uncover 
my voice that I buried at 11 and learn 
how to get visible AF. 

I *never* ever wanted anyone to know 
I could communicate with the afterlife, 
Spirit, guides, angels…. All sorts of other energies. 
I did this in secret in my programs for years before I began to own my gifts and now teach others how to do it inside The Channel Society™️ and my private 1:1 container, Rockstar™️. 

I was Traumatised by money wounds, 
and I’ve had to heal them so deeply to 
hold the multi-six figure-a-year company 
I have today. A company I’ve BUILT from zero TWICE, with two babies around my legs…. 
Emigrated to the USA, Post natal anxiety, a pandemic, no childcare or family…. 

I’m so proud of what I’ve done
In the past 4 years especially. 
I deeply rejected the fact I was called to 
be a healer, a channel, for the Divine to work 
through me because I thought I’d have to “save” people from their own suffering
(when in fact a Healer is truly meant to 
hold the vibration of “heaven on earth” and 
those that call out for healing have to do the work to rise up to meet THAT complete, whole,  transcended vibration of themselves). 

Being an OPEN CHANNEL for this role of Healer changes everything in your coaching business (DM me about this bit if it resonates). 

I used to compare my journey to other 
coaches and mentors who didn’t have kids. 
This is insane.  CEO Mothers, I’m talking to you. 
Our path will *always* look different, because our priorities and our why is so different. 
Our lack of sleep and time hardwires us for entrepreneurship. Use it all to your advantage. 

The last thing I want to say is this…

I’m not building an Empire, I’m building myself. Every shitty job, “bad” decision, every country, 27 house moves, hard thing, every tax bill, every big sales month, every sleepless night, big poopy-scared investment I made… it’s all been leading me here. To this moment. I AM the Mother FKN EMPIRE I’m building. It’s me. It’s you. You’re building and healing and growing yourself. Your opening your heart even more each day so they can really see you and feel your words and the vibration of your transformational work. Don’t give up, take a baby step. But don’t you dare stop. 

This is what I needed to say today. 😮‍💨🫣 

Does it resonate? I’m already sweating about how pants 🩲 down this post is. 

I love you 
Emma xx 

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