Discomfort Is A Gift ✨

That growing discomfort you’re feeling inside your life and business is a gift✨

I know you’re wishing it would just retreat. ⁣

That voice. ⁣
⁣The knowing. ⁣
⁣That fire. ⁣

The risk that’s involved in following…⁣


The call. ⁣

That call

It’s you. ⁣

Your powerful-self. ⁣
Your ancestors.
⁣Your ancient power and knowings. ⁣

When my people answer this call to join my world -⁣

💫 I’m the last person 💫⁣

They arrive exhausted, burned out, emotionally and financially, from all the “others” promising the promised land🤪

All smoke. No fire. ⁣

They come to me last because inside themselves is the last place they go to look for absolutely everything they desire. ⁣

It’s all within you. ⁣⁣

The Universe places your desires within YOU ⁣

As well as the strategy. ⁣

My role is to remind you of that. Bring you there. Draw this magic from your energetic field. ⁣

You will awaken ⁣
Every sense ⁣
Every knowing ⁣

You’ll experience and know this infinity within. ⁣

You’re words will become like spells. ⁣

Your energy centers – will operate like a creative vortex. ⁣
You won’t just learn how to channel, speak with your guides, support your clients in an entirely new way … ⁣

You know that you’re the Source and the sorceress. ⁣

Welcome to my world 💎⁣

And remember, ⁣

baby, You’re a Star 🌟 ⁣

Emma x ⁣

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