I have been called to move…

I have been called to move ⁣into the deepest part of myself in the past few weeks, so I could create the contrast necessary to see those last layers of myself go. To remember who I am, my highest powers and my greatest strengths. ⁣

And it’s here. ⁣
New teachings, activations, codes and psychic power. ⁣

Everything amplified. I’ve needed this time, these past few weeks to retreat myself so I could bring this all forth and embody it. ⁣

I’m here to walk womxn into their God~alignment. To finally meet with their greatest gifts and spiritual guides, to activate the paradise of abundance that resides on the other side of where they are – expansion, flow, ascension, wealth at new levels that they have never experienced. ⁣

I’m not a straight up business coach, I never have been and me and my process is not for everyone. ⁣

But the women who feel this depth within them now, the truth that’s waiting to be activated, the God-aligned creation of a leader ready to walk a new path, to hold it all in a powerful expansive way, a sacral hit and transmission that screams “Yes PLEASE”…. You are my people. ⁣

A new transmission is here. ⁣
Anew frequency to calibrate to. ⁣
New wealth codes #are ⁣
Here. ⁣

you ready? 🔥⁣

Let’s do this. emmatynan.com/services

Come in. Activate. Ascend. Receive. ⁣

I’m ready. ⁣So are you.

Emma x

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