Confession from a former, self-confessed workaholic

I’ve not been “working” a lot the last two weeks.

Actually, if I count the days I’ve only done 3 days of client work in the past two weeks and I had dental surgery last week (wisdom teeth removal – OUCH!).


It’s been MY BEST MONTH IN BUSINESS THIS YEAR and there are still two weeks to go!!! In fact, my business is up 1500% on this time last (30k already this month…. omg…)

There are so many reasons why this makes me feel PROUD of ME but the main one….

This time only two years ago my business was back to $0 for the second time. I was deep in post-natal anxiety, awake every two hours with my baby, and parenting solo every two weeks when my husband was traveling to SF for work.

Since I started this business in 2014, I’ve gone to $0 TWICE. I shut my business twice, and built it up twice. made it all back… and now MORE on top of MORE … and I’m not stopping now πŸ˜‰

That has been a gift, learning that skill of HOW to go from nothing and sell the gifts in my soul that now pays our mortgage on our dream home, and holidays and treats and living the way we want to.

I know what it takes to help you sell your gifts, create aligned wealth, and own the power of your voice …

(πŸ’Έ this week i’m celebrating another client who’s hit 6 figures with me… I’ve lost count how may have done this with me now!)

I forget how big a deal this is because I’m surrounded by the most incredible business owners who are generating 100K++ *months* – my numbers seem “small” in comparison. But I’m sharing this to be transparent. When I sit back I know it’s huge especially as I did all of this alongside emigrating to the USA, birthing two babies in 18 months, moving 3 times, and buying our dream home.

No matter where you are on your journey – keep going. Stay in your own lane, and don’t compare your journey to the woman beside you. You’ve no Idea what they went through or are going through to claim their dreams…

and you’ve no idea who you’re inspiring on your journey.

Emma x

PS: This is where i spent the first week of the month on vacation…Check out that view!! I’m doing it for them in the first place. ❀

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