The Ultimate Soul calibration

Because more than anything you're ready to activate your calling

when you enter my world, you get absolutely everything you need to calibrate to the quantum, so you can turn your life and business into a wealth creating force of Divine Light.

In this container, you’ll Open Your Channels and start to lean back into the flow of co-creator of your brand new world. 

Hi, I'm Emma!

•Develop your own methodology and become your own niche

•Master your ability to channel and harness source energy

•Download your own unique codes and activations to create transformational results for your clients

•Collapse your timelines 

•Master your messaging for magnetic content strategies

•Redesign your product suite to scale your revenue 

•Be a luminary in your industry and stand out as a powerful woman of influence

•Speak your truth, allow yourself to be fully seen and expressed

You Will:


Are you ready to join me out here?

And declared that I wanted MORE.

I’m just a woman who decided that I was
no longer going to be hidden or silenced.

My role is to show it to you…to reveal what’s already waiting for you in your energetic field so you can calibrate to it.

It’s all within you already.

Your Soul is the Blueprint for unlocking Quantum Wealth Creation and Sacred Prosperity.

You ARE the strategy 


I don't give you a cut and paste strategy

I’ve built a multi-six figure coaching company with two toddlers in tow… and over the last 8 years I’ve led thousands of women back home to themselves, in style

Private coaching spaces with me are for ambitious, soul “yes” women only. 

•50 minute energetic and strategic calibration session with emma  

•Voxer coaching monday - friday
•Access to my foundational course the House Of Visibility
•Access to all my masterminds and courses for the duration of your contract


In 3, 6, 12 month Contracts